Bluetti Eb180 1800Wh/1000W 230V

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HighlightsIncredible power – portable power station for all those who need a little more power – suitable for small devices such as notebooks, smartphone speakers to hair dryer, cool box, TV, electric battery3 devices in 1 – generator contains 230 V inverter with pure sine wave 1000 W/230 V I LI-NiMnCo battery 1800 Wh/125 Ah 12 V I solar charge controller MPPT 16-60 V/10 A approx. 400-500 W solar powerNo matter where – with the portable generator you are well supplied even in powerless places – perfect as a power storage for camping, caravan, car, home office, e-biker, garden, angler, craftsmen etcConnection variety: station has 2 x household sockets 230 V, 4 x USB 5 V/3 A, 1 x USB type C, 1 x cigarette lighter 12 V/9 A, charging the high-performance battery via solar panel 16 – 60 V or power supplyAppropriate product – in addition to the attractive design, the solar power bank scores with silent low-exhaust power generation and LCD screen for monitoring – simultaneous charging and discharging possibleA high capacity solar portable power station that delivers AC and DC for a great variety of applications. The EB180 is packaged in a lightweight and sturdy aluminium alloy body.Utilizing the latest high energy density lithium-ion battery technology the EB180 provides a huge 1800 watt-hour of electricity from both its rated 1000W AC pure sine wave inverter, 12V 10A car DC output socket, 4 x USB ports (3.0A per pair) and NEW Type-C port (45W) to power and charge newer laptops and smart phones with this protocol. A Type-C cable is includedThe EB180 backlit LCD panel clearly informs the user of the battery level, input charging power and DC and AC output power and the output connectors are backlit to indicate when they are turned on.Recharging the EB180 is safe, quick and easy using the included AC adapter or from solar using the supplied cable. With in built MPPT solar controller the EB180 can be charged with a 500 watt solar array making this solar generator ideal for off grid/remote power alternative, particularly as a clean, sustainable and economical substitute to gasoline or diesel generator.The EB180 solar generator is designed to deliver flexible and highly efficient power for more industrial and commercial applications and to end users who demand the very best and most reliable all in one solution.Exceptional quality – Lithium-ion battery provides a huge 1800 Watt-Hour (Wh) of battery capacityLightweight but strong aluminium alloy rugged design – weighs just 19 kgFlexible and powerful output to cover all requirements – 110V/220 AC (1000W) / 12V DC output (120W) / 4 x USB outputType C output – 45W output with built in power delivery to power laptop and other USB C enabled devicesQuick and easy recharging – Supplied AC charger and optional solar charging (up to 500W for fast charging)Back lit LCD panel provides accurate and detailed information on both input and output powerSolar charging compatible that lets you plug in up to 500W solar array without external controllerUSB ports for mobile charging and powering USB devicesBuilt in Multi safety protection – 5 levels that include short circuit, overload and over-temperature and error code reportingIncluded Accessories : AC charger and solar cable (MC4 compatible)What you getPackage Includes:1*Portable Power Storage (EB180),1*AC Wall Charger,1*PV MC4 Solar Charging Cable, 1*User Manual, 1*Certificate of Qualification.ApplicationsOff-grid and remote power generation when used with solar panelsTents / huts to power fridge, coffee machine, lighting, TV, water kettle, hairdryer, etc.CampsStreet vendors stallsExhibition stands to power lights, laptop, payment machinePower for electronic devices and variety of appliancesPower toolsRemote CCTV and security surveillanceBack up and emergency power during power outagePortable power for relief and rescue workersService engineers, field crewsDiesel/gasoline generator replacement particularly in noise and emissions sensitive areasNOTICE: In order to keep the system in optimal health, fully charge it at least once every 3 months (in case you are not using it regularly). This will avoid battery under-voltage. If this occur the battery could lose its energy storing capacity.FAQ’sQ: What devices can be charged with the EB180?A: Check the rated power and peak power of your devices, so long as it not exceed 1000W, it can be charged by EB240. if the load is between 1000~1200W, it can last for 2mins. Load exceed 1200W, EB240 will shut off for overload protection.Q: How to choose the solar panel(s)?Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) range: 16-60V; Max. current: 10A; Max. wattage: 500W.MC4 ConnectorBecause MPPT charging mode is integrated in the unit, choose solar panel(s) without charge controller.Q: How long does it take to charge the unit with solar panel(s)?A: Depends on the input power of the solar panel (Higher Power of the Panel, Shorter Charge Time you will Get) and the strength of the Sunlight.Q: Can I connect the unit to more than one solar panel, in series or in parallel?A: Yes, you can, as long as the maximum Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) of 60V won’t be exceeded. For example two 150W solar panel in series, with a rated OCV of 22V, in which case the total voltage and wattage (44V/300W) falls within the accepted range.Q: What is the battery cycle life of the EB180?A: 2500 cycles.Whats in the box?1*Portable Power Storage (EB180),1*AC Wall Charger,1*PV MC4 Solar Charging Cable, 1*User Manual, 1*Certificate of Qualification.

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